Elevate is a herbal supplement pill form of a blood purifier. Helps aide with acne, period cramps and/or bloating. It helps with weightloss, energy booster, regulates menstrual cycles, boost immune system and helps with joint health. It aides with anxiety and insomnia. It aides in tightening muscles of uterus, prevents infections(yeast, UTI, BV), helps with vaginal wetness. 

If pregnant or breastfeeding, please DO NOT consume.

**Safe for 18+ 

**Sizing: sample of 7. 

**Dosage: 600mg per capsule

Ingredients: Blue Vervain, Nettle Leaf, Burdock Root, Seamoss, Raspberry Leaf, P’au Darco, Calendula, Wild Yam, Oatstraw, Damiana, Horny Goat Weed

Form of usage: take 1 capsule daily preferably after a meal, followed by 8oz of water.

Elevate Herbal Supplement (7-day sample)